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Cala Xarraca Ibiza | Relax, Snorkel & More

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Found yourself visiting the amazing island of Ibiza? Good for you! If you love snorkeling and hanging out on the beach, you’ve come to the right place. There are dozens of amazing beaches in Ibiza, but one stands out for me: Cala Xarraca.

Below, find out what you can expect, how to reach Cala Xarraca, and how to snorkel this beautiful cove.

What does Cala Xarraca have to offer?

“Cala” is Spanish for a cove, which is exactly what Cala Xarraca is. It forms part of a larger bay that contains a few different beaches, of which it’s the main one. It’s large and well-protected from the wind—plus, you’ve gotta love those absolutely crystalline waters!

Cala Xarraca is comprised of pebbly sand surrounded by rocks. It’s unfortunately not really accessible for disabled folks due to its layout.

Relatively large for a cala, Xarraca offers a bunch of different sights and activities:

  • Facilities: This is a popular beach, so you can find everything you need. There’s a restaurant, showers to rinse off after a swim, and beach chair and umbrella rental options.
  • Mud: Yes, mud! I did not peruse them myself, but you can find small natural mud baths to the left side of the main beach.
  • Swing: If you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot, there’s a small swing over the water in the area to the right of the cove. You reach it by slightly passing the main beach while driving up, parking on the side of the road and walking down a dirt road.
  • Snorkel: Given the clarity of the water and the little islet right in front of the beach, Cala Xarraca is a perfect snorkeling spot. Scroll down to find my snorkeling tips for this cove.

Tip: If the main cove is very busy and you don’t mind clambering over some rocks, just saunter off to the left or right. These areas tend to be calmer, though keep in mind they’re also more popular with nudists. Be respectful!

Cala Xarraca Ibiza in summer

How to reach Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is part of the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja on the northern side of the island. It’s located off the main road to and from the town of Portinatx, which is worth a visit itself if you’d to see more beaches (plus beach bars and restaurants).

If you head down this road, the EI-300, toward Sant Joan (from Portinatx) or toward Portinatx (from Sant Joan), you really can’t miss Cala Xarraca. The road forks near the beach and there’s a clear sign indicating the location.

I recommend taking the fork and driving down the windy road to see if there’s parking space. On busy days in summer, though, this might not be the case. If the parking area is full, make your way back up to park on the side of the road. Having to walk a bit is unfortunately part of the experience while visiting the nicest places in Ibiza.

Tip: If you continue on the way to Portinatx, you’ll pass several other fantastic calas, such as S’Illot des Renclí and Cala Xuclar. Don’t pass those up! You can make it into a little “cove tour”.

Snorkeling Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is an excellent place to get some snorkeling in. Due to its calm, relatively shallow waters, it’s suitable for beginners. Even if you’re not an experienced snorkeler, you should be able to make your way over to the little islet without much issue.

For a longer self-guided tour, I like to follow the curve of the larger bay. This involves passing the arm sticking into the sea on the right (as seen from the beach) and continuing until you reach a second, larger arm (where the swing is).

Don’t worry if this sounds like a long swim. Near the swing is a second small cove area where you can get out of the water to have a rest before heading back. The rocky, shallow seafloor is the perfect habitat for all sorts of sea life, including octopi, loads of different fish, colorful macroalgae, and more.

Sarpa salpa fish underwater photo
Sarpa salpa is a common sight.
Black sea urchin underwater photo
It’s always a good idea to wear water shoes. Stepping on a sea urchin is not fun!
Red sea star underwater photo
You might spot a red sea star around Cala Xarraca if you’re lucky.

Other snorkel beaches in Ibiza

Believe me when I say there are plenty! Although the Mediterranean isn’t usually considered the most exciting place to practice snorkel, there’s actually loads to see. You just gotta know where to find it.

I spent a lot of time on Ibiza exploring dozens of coves. You can find my list of favorites in my full guide to the best beaches on Ibiza!

If you have any more questions about visiting Cala Xarraca or want to share your own experiences exploring Ibiza’s beautiful north, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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